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Call reporting and analytics

  • ACD queue management
  • Call volume measurement
  • Cost accounting
  • Agent performance analysis
  • Fraud detection
  • Automatic customer call-back
  • Wireline and Wireless reporting
  • Trunk analysis

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The basic prerequisite for improving performance and productivity in any business environment is the ability to measure performance parameters effectively. The productivity of a business does not only depend on the availability guaranteed by its communications platform, but also on the individual performance and capabilities of the agents.

Vodia's advanced call reporting solution is a comprehensive add-on solution that can seamlessly integrate with Vodia PBX to provide detailed call reporting, statistics and intelligent customer call-back functionality. Rich call reporting and analytics functionality enables businesses and service providers to perform detailed analysis of their call traffic ultimately leading to an improved customer service and steady sales growth.

Available as an easy-to-use dashboard-like web interface, Vodia's call reporting solution delivers extensive real-time reporting and statistics of all incoming and outgoing calls from the Vodia PBX system. Able to support both online and offline reporting, the call reporting solution functions as a real-time and historic repository for all call related events generated by the Vodia PBX system (CDRs, SIP messages, agent events, SOAP/JSON messages) and provides call metrics in simple graphical online reports for efficient viewing. The generated reports can be further exported as PDF or Excel spread sheets for advanced offline analysis. Some of the salient features of the reporting tool include Full monitoring of IVR nodes, Call queues, Call groups, Auto receptionists and extensions, number and total duration of calls for the whole organization, average answer time per queue, service levels, call duration per call, time frame settings to investigate data during any given period, reporting on calling and called number and much more. The built-in graphical tools can further help detect unusual call patterns which may help track suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time reporting
    Get a "real-time" view of your collective company telecom data and gain a valuable insight into critical usage and performance metrics. Identify cost centers through detailed cost accounting reports providing information on phone usage by individuals, departments, business units or accounts. Analyze call traffic based on date, time of day, cost and duration. Receive alerts requiring the attention of the telecom manager including unusual calling patterns and system capacity utilization.

  • Wired and wireless traffic analysis
    Analyze call data for wireline and wireless devices separately or together to identify costs and usage based on connection type or individual cost centers. Filter call data based on a particular parameter e.g. mobile device usage for the entire organization or use combined reporting to gain insight into the overall telecom usage and expenditure for a particular user or business unit.

  • Performance measurement
    Pinpoint calls to individual agents, departments, extensions or cost centers for greater accountability on performance and productivity. Get useful insight into individual agent performance by comparing the total amount of time spent on the phone by each agent against the whole group to determine the productivity level of each agent.

  • Expense control
    Gain visibility into your network to match usage with available system capacity, helping you optimize your network and maximize your ROI. Identify the optimum capacity for handling peak volume by analyzing trunk usage reports. Avoid over capacity by identifying and eliminating hidden costs associated with unused trunks. Save up to 10% or more on your overall telecom expenses.

  • Corporate security
    Protect your organization against fraudulent and unauthorized calls by receiving email alerts on unusual calling activity helping you crack down on network abuse and security break-ins. Avoid toll fraud and hours of lost productivity by ensuring active monitoring and reporting of your call traffic at all times.

  • Data export
    Access the specific call accounting information you need in the format that best suits your requirements. Export the generated reports as PDF or Microsoft® Excel® spread sheets for advanced offline analysis.

  • Customer satisfaction
    Increase customer satisfaction through prompt and efficient handling of customer interactions by reducing queue wait times. Identify and rectify capacity requirements for handling customer calls during peak times by adding trunks and optimizing call routes to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction and retention.
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