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Contact Center

  • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Multi-queue Agent Log-in
  • Caller-ID control
  • Predictive dialing
  • IVR Voice Assistants
  • Agent statistics
  • Call reporting/accounting
  • Call recording

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Organizations are shifting focus from mere profitability to a sustainable business model that will ensure continued sales in the distant future. Smart companies are now moving from the dated concept of a cost focus to more customer-centric strategies that are aimed at not only acquiring new customers, but nurturing them overtime to build a loyal following of satisfied customers that will guarantee profitability for the company on an ongoing basis.

Just like any relationship, customer interactions need to be nurtured by listening to your customers, understanding their needs and providing them with a great experience while they interact with you. The ultimate goal of deploying advanced technology in a business environment is largely the same - to provide better customer service and improve customer experiences. Most businesses already employ some form of a contact center without realizing it. But by making these customer interaction centers, contact centers or help desks more strategic to the enterprise's core business, organizations s can deliver superior customer experiences which in turn can help drive sustainable growth and competitive differentiation.

Vodia's contact center functionality combines the best practices of unified communications and customer service by providing businesses with all the necessary tools required to convert first time customer interactions into long lasting customer relationships. A fully self-managed solution that requires minimal intervention, Vodia's call center capability can help you streamline your business operations and improve communications by delivering a powerful suite of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) features and other cornerstone features of contact centers including IVR Voice Assistants, Agent statistics reporting, Call accounting, Agent coaching and Call recording capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Voice and data convergence
    The convergence of your unified communications system and contact center solution means a single consolidated platform that delivers an end-to-end solution both for internal communication as well as for customer relationship management. Fewer systems mean lesser resources to manage and lower costs of equipment, software and system maintenance.

  • Increased agility
    Differentiate your business from your competitors by building an agile workforce that can deliver a quality customer service quickly and effectively. Maximize first-time resolution, close sales faster and reduce the risk of wait times, dropped calls and abandoned calls by making sure all customer calls are processed efficiently and routed to the most knowledgeable agent in the organization at all times.

  • Agent mobility
    With the ability to integrate mobile and remote agents in the contact center, supervisors can monitor and manage the mobile workforce just as easily as the on-site agents. Remote agents means the ability to recruit from a larger labor pool , 24/7 customer service, higher productivity and lower operational costs for the organization.

  • Virtual agents
    With most business outsourcing their contact center operations, virtualization provides the benefit of centralizing call handling for the entire organization by including geographically dispersed agents in global call queues to ensure customer calls are handled by the most skilled agent regardless of location. Whether to deliver calls onshore with home agents or offshore is no longer a question.

  • Knowledge agents and coaching
    Deliver a superior customer experience by ramping up the chances of first-call resolution of customer inquiries through live agent coaching. Identify and include external knowledge agents or supervisors in live customer calls to assist new agents or interns and drive the appropriate behavior.

  • Accurate forecasting
    Identify the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and future call center staffing requirements by analyzing call volume patterns. Take advantage of agent analytics to allow supervisors to analyze agent performance, call center group activity and system status.

  • Optimized workforce
    Intelligent call routing, IVR assistants, predictive dialing, call recording, agent priority and BLF are guaranteed to ramp up your service levels with no net change in staff. The self-managed automatic call distribution functionality is purpose-built to optimize the utilization of your human resources while ensuring the shortest resolution times.
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