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Ubiquitous technology and the internet are transforming the very ways we communicate, work and learn. Being products of a digital age, the younger employees graduating into the ranks of businesses are motivating their employers to re-think their strategy toward attracting and retaining top talent by staying up to date with the newer trends of business innovation. Many businesses are reinventing the workplace from the older concept of nine-to-five cubicles to a hub that can foster creativity, collaboration and attract the top talent in their industry. The workplace of the future is not only about device agnosticism but also about mobility. Some of the best ideas and creativity can come away from the workplace making it imperative for businesses to enable such creative freedom for their employees. Giving your employees access to the right tools is the key to staying competitive and powerful collaboration tools are one sure way to build a cohesive and creative workforce.

Vodia's built-in enterprise collaboration functionality prepares your organization for the future by providing rich real-time collaboration tools to your teams on the devices of their choice virtually from anywhere. Vodia's unified collaboration solution brings voice, fax, video, e-mail, and conferencing together allowing your organization to share information efficiently, enhance interdepartmental coordination, and expand the creative space to foster productivity. The ability to schedule conference calls from virtually anywhere frees up your organization from the hassle of setting up face-to-face meetings by providing a rich real-time collaboration experience both inside and outside the organization. With scheduled or on-demand conferencing capability, you can now set up conference calls for your teams, customers, investors and suppliers in a matter of minutes. Unified messaging and real-time presence functionality further enhances interdepartmental visibility enabling improved response times and faster decision making.

Key Benefits

  • Save time on face-to-face meetings
    Save time on face-to-face meetings by enabling your teams to schedule conference calls from anywhere, at anytime. Schedule audio conferences directly in Microsoft® Outlook and have them automatically emailed to all participants as Microsoft® Outlook calendar appointments including the conference dial-in number and access code. Ensure all conference participants automatically get included in the conference call seconds before kick-off through the built-in automatic conference call-back functionality.

  • Drive down costs
    Reduce your IT costs associated with disjointed communications and collaboration solutions by moving to a powerful communications platform with native enterprise collaboration functionality. Drive down travel costs, avoid hefty conferencing bills and other collaboration-related expenses.

  • Enhance interdepartmental coordination
    Improve interdepartmental coordination and decision making through enhanced user presence and call control functionality. The web-based user portal allows your employees view the presence status of other team members or departments, place calls and perform advanced call control directly from their web-browsers without having the need to download or install any additional software.

  • Improve information sharing
    Foster a more innovative workplace through efficient information sharing across departments and business units. Bring your business processes up to speed, improve customer engagement and leverage operational effectiveness through a rich collaboration platform thats available organization wide.

  • Safeguard data
    Protect your organization against break-ins and unlawful intercepts of voice and call data. With advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms built into the platform, you can be sure your sensitive company and customer communications data is safeguarded at all times.
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