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CRM integration

  • Automatic contact creation
  • Customer call history
  • Higher visibility
  • Up-to-date customer records
  • Reduced duplication
  • Lower maintenance activities
  • Improved customer service

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Customer relationship management or CRM addresses the key challenges of business-customer relationship management by providing a platform for managing a company's interactions with new and potential customers. CRM systems have evolved into sophisticated software applications that enable businesses to manage key business accounts and clients, win contracts and generate sales leads.

For most organizations, the front office is usually the first point of contact with the customer for most business dealings. A customer service workflow typically starts with the customer looking up the customer support number of the company and calling them up. Customer inquiries may include information on a specific product, help with a purchased product, product returns, billing and so no. Integrating customer phone calls with your CRM system can provide the agent handling the call with a lot of useful information about the customer, case history, last response, related agents and much more.

Vodia's unified communications solution enables organizations to better utilize their CRM systems through front and back-office integration by creating a single, customer centric view that provides a holistic insight into all customer interactions across the entire organization. By integrating Vodia PBX with their CRM systems, organizations can streamline workflows and communication, increase productivity and eliminate duplicate entries. Every customer call received by your Vodia PBX system can automatically bring in valuable live customer data directly into your CRM and help locate, create and update customer records. By automatically creating contacts for new customers or updating records of existing customers, you can make sure your agents have access to complete and most up-to-date customer data during customer interactions enabling them to respond faster, make more informed business decisions, and provide a better customer service.

Key Benefits

  • Time saving
    Save time by having the system automatically create and update customer records at the first point of contact. Avoid time lost in acquiring information from other departments or gathering customer case history for other departments because all teams already have the latest information available at their fingertips.

  • Improved coordination
    Automatic creation of customer contacts and updates of customer call history, ensures a single point of entry into the CRM which reduces duplicate records and improves coordination across departments.

  • Win-win for all
    Integration of front and back-office creates a win-win situation for all company stakeholders including customers, accounting, sales, logistics and other employees. Orders can be passed on to accounting more swiftly, logistics can ship out orders more promptly, customers get to receive their orders sooner, the company gets paid faster, salespeople receive their commission earlier, employees are more satisfied with their jobs, and customers receive a superior level of customer service.

  • More control
    Integration between your Vodia unified communications solution and your CRM system allows you to maintain a single, up-to-date version of contact and lead information that provides a holistic view of the customer history across the entire organization. This leads to better control over the entire order process from order placement to fulfillment.

  • Better ROI
    Businesses can use superior customer service to their advantage as a means of differentiating themselves from their competitors, and ultimately turning this advantage into a profitable business practice. Customer intimacy can contribute toward customer retention and increase revenue for the firm through further cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
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