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Desktop Integration

There are several ways to integrate the PBX into your Windows desktop:

TAPI Service Provider. The TAPI Service Provider (TSP) links your TAPI-compliant applications with the PBX service. There are many programs available that are using the TAPI API, for example Microsoft Outlook. More information about the TSP is available from here.

CSTA Browser. While the TSP is useful especially for outbound calls, the CSTA Browser is a useful tools for inbound calls. Instead of sending calls through the TAPI API, the CSTA Browser tool opens the web browser with a programmable URL. This makes it easy to link the PBX with CRM software that supports accessing user data through a URL. For more information, check out Csta Browser.

Third Party Applications. The Vodia PBX supports the industry standard CSTA, so that you can connect third party applications which are using that standard.

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