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Vodia PBX as a Service (hostedi.am)

hostedi.am managed voice services from Vodia enable businesses to lower the total cost of ownership of their telephone systems by providing a complete suite of managed voice services. For businesses with multiple branch offices, hostedi.am provide a single system that can seamlessly connect all locations without the need for a complex infrastructure. Usage based subscription means no long term contracts and paying for only the extensions actually in use, resulting in a significant reduction in maintenance staff, and eliminating costly voice lines. The plug and play functionality of the platform is aimed to take the setup and maintenance complexity out of your office and provide business users with a 24/7 managed service at the fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system. Running your phone system in the cloud now means your employees can connect to your phone system from anywhere, anytime!

Bring your own trunk (BYOT)

hostedi.am does not include PSTN termination; you have to take care about this yourself. While this is an extra step that you have to take and another place where you have to enter your credit card, it does have some advantages:

  • Better termination prices. If the SIP trunk comes from the provider of the hosted PBX, it often comes with visible and hidden costs for the termination.
  • Destination-dependent routes. You may have multiple trunks. This means that you can choose also different trunk providers, for example one who gives you service for the USA and another one for India, if you have a lot of calls to India.
  • Independent contracts. If you are not happy with a trunk provider, you are not locked in by the PBX contract. The contract with the SIP provider does not depend on the number of extensions that you have.
  • Public IP. When you use the hostedi.am service, your trunk will use a public IP address. This means that you don't have to deal with NAT and firewall issues like when operating the PBX on a private IP address in your office.

Setting up SIP trunks has become easy. Most service providers provide online self-service where you can choose your DID and set up the trunk in minutes.

Why choose hostedi.am?

Traditional Phone Systemshostedi.am
You need to choose, buy and maintain complex hardware which can be overwhelming for most businesses.Service is up and running from day one. All you need to do is to connect your devices.
Businesses have to deal with complex setups before the system is up and running.Managed service provides zero-touch setup for end devices which means you are ready to go as soon as you sign-up.
You'll end up paying for the equipment you lease/buy, for the minutes you use, and for maintenance.No hidden costs, you just pay a single bill for the phone service.
Upgrades and system maintenance means a dedicated on-site system administrator.Upgrades and patches to the phone system are applied invisible to the end users.
Businesses end up playing the Telco-game paying hefty bills at the end of the day.You save 50-60% over traditional phone services plus no equipment, maintenance and setup costs.
Scalability requires additional hardware as businesses grow.Just add additional users as your business grows.
An on-premise phone system may limit connectivity for remote workers.The 24/7 availability of managed voice services means that your employees can connect to your phone system from anywhere, anytime.
Redundancy with CPE or on premise systems is complicated and expensive, so a lot of companies just don't do it and are unprepared when disaster strikes.The hostedi.am model provides an embedded continuity plan that's built into your deployment, not just a bolted system without a backup plan.

Endpoints for hostedi.am

If you are meeting the requirements above, there are several ways how you can get started.

  • Only cell phones. You can get started just with cell phones. In this case, your cell phones serve as extensions. Customers will dial into hostedi.am, and the PBX will route the calls to the cell phones.
  • Desktop phones. You can also use desktop phones, preferrably snom phones. There are several places where you can get snom phones delivered to your door step, and we leave that to you. What you need to enter when starting hosted PBX, are the MAC addresses of the devices. Then, all that you need to do is plug the phones into your network and they should automatically configure.
  • Soft phones. Another great way to get started is to use soft phones on your PC, or tablet or your mobile device. For this we have prepared a soft phone which works on Windows computers (see Vodia PBX UCClient); but you can use also other SIP soft phones, which are widely available for different hardware platforms and operating systems.


Hosted PBX has a lot of advantages (see "CPE or Cloud?"). If you want to use hostedi.am, there are some limitations that you have to keep in mind.

  • Location. Currently hostedi.am is available on the US East Coast (server in New York), France (Paris) and in South Africa (Pretoria). If you want to use the service, ideally you should be close to one of the server locations. Physical distance is a good first approximation, but at the end the network delay is is the important number. Typically, locations in Washington, Boston, Rochester are close enough to the hosting facility in New York.
  • Bandwidth. You need enough bandwidth for the service and/or you need to make sure that your voice packets get a special treatment compared to the other network traffic (sometimes also called quality of service or QoS). If you have high-speed Internet access such as FiOS or Xfinity chances are good that you can enjoy excellent voice quality.
  • Paging. Paging, especially multicast paging, will be not possible or limited in functionality. If you plan to use paging, you are probably not a customer for hostedi.am.

What you will get

  • Instead of running your phone system on your own server on-premise, we'll run it for you in the cloud.
  • You will get full administrative rights for your business domain on our cloud server, allowing you to set up your own user configuration and use trunks of your choice so that you get to choose the best rates for yourself.
  • You will be able to setup your own Auto Attendants (receptionists), Hunt Groups and Conference rooms just like you would on your own phone system.
  • We will provide a professional team that runs, manages and monitors your system for continued operation and feature usage, while keeping an eye out for the occasional issues. They will proactively help you improve and stay on top of your telephony needs.
  • We will ensure that your system is always up to date to the most current industry standards.
  • We will provide a support and training team, not only for system administrators, but also for end users, relieving you the need for dedicated maintenance and trouble shooting staff.
  • Our commitment to the future of cloud communications and constant innovation in our services.

In case your network is not be ready

Our managed voice services and the quality we can provide heavily depend on your own network setup. If your Internet connectivity is not quite up there yet, you may be better off running your phone system on-premise. In any case, our hybrid approach means you can port your phone system configuration from your hostedi.am account to a premise-based deployment and back in an instant, guaranteeing you a safe investment for now and for the future.

More information

We have put more information on a seperate web page. For more information and to sign up, please visit the hostedi.am web site.

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