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IP Phone system

  • Auto receptionist
  • Virtual mailbox
  • Fax-to-Email
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Call recording
  • Coaching modes
  • Directory services
  • Group paging
  • Call Groups
  • Conferencing
  • Cell phone integration
  • SMS notifications
  • Multi-tenant support
  • BYOD
  • Contact lists and Presence
  • Voice encryption
  • End-device plug-and-play
  • Call reporting

Good communication has always been deemed vital to the success of organizations but modern day globalization and free trade is driving organizations to communicate across national and cultural boundaries making the relevance of communication ever more paramount. Effective communication internal to the organization can help foster innovation, enhance team spirit, drive employee satisfaction, enable timelier decision making, improve productivity and lead to an overall higher probability of achieving organizational goals. Communication is equally essential for customer relationship management, especially in competitive industries like banking, finance, retail and insurance, where customer acquisition is all about service differentiation, effective communication can play the deciding role in the process. Good customer communication not only builds a positive customer perception but can help gain clarity into customer requirements by better understanding their needs, reinforcing the buying decision, implementing change according to customers' requirements as well as help in building a long-term relationship with the customers leading to repeat sales.

Vodia's brilliantly simple yet incredibly powerful IP-PBX software enables your organization to create a lasting-impression during customer engagements while at the same time enabling effective communication and collaboration within the organization.

Unlike proprietary hardware based phone systems, Vodia PBX is a completely software based solution that easily surpasses the performance of dedicated voice servers and that too at a fraction of their cost. With Vodia PBX software, your organization does not need to spend thousands of dollars on costly hardware solutions; all you need is a standard server running any of the most popular operating systems including Windows, Linux or Mac OS, and Vodia software can help you convert it into a power business telephone system for your organization.

Complete with advanced contact center functionality, built-in enterprise mobility support, rich application integration and organization-wide collaboration tools, Vodia PBX software is the all-in-one communications platform for large and small organizations alike. Built on the core principles of vendor neutrality, Vodia's open-standards based platform puts you in total control of your endpoints by leveraging BYOD (Bring your own device) and allowing you to complement your phone system with any standard IP handset, gateway or service provider. Multi-tenancy leverages platform and cost consolidation with the ability to manage multiple branch office phone systems on a single server eliminating dedicated hardware costs for each office. Automatic plug and play promotes a greater use of automation for end-device deployment, system management, maintenance and support.

Key Benefits

  • Business grade features
    Leverage your business with a communications platform providing features that go beyond the industry buzz words by actually adding a great value to your organization. Our robust array of features including intelligent Call queuing (ACD), Interactive voice response menus (IVRs), Auto receptionist, Virtual mailbox, Fax-to-Email, Paging, Call Groups, Conferencing, Cell phone integration, Caller-ID control, SMS notifications, Contact lists and Presence; are all designed to support your business processes and enhance the communication experience for your customers and employees.

  • Operating system independence
    Benefit from the operating system independent architecture of the Vodia PBX software by leveraging your in-house know-how and competence with the operating system of your choice instead of learning a new platform from scratch. Save big bucks on operating system licensing costs by deploying the software on existing servers or on one of the available open source alternatives.

  • Simple licensing
    Future proof your investment through a cost effective application licensing model that eliminates costly hardware and sustains business growth. Expand your phone system capacity at any time to incorporate additional users and latest features by simply adding individual stand-alone licenses on top of your Vodia PBX license.

  • Plug-and-Play
    Manage large installations effortlessly with built-in device plug-and-play support for a wide range of IP based devices including IP handsets and gateways. Save time spent on customer site, avoid launch delays and eliminate additional costs associated with device deployment by automating roll-outs and reducing engineer involvement.

  • Multi-tenancy
    Save huge infrastructure costs associated with software licensing and dedicated hardware by using a single license of the Vodia PBX software on a server to serve multiple client-organizations (tenants). Partition departments, their user data and configuration across multiple domains for logical grouping on a single PBX server. Customize each client organization or department within its own domain portal with full administrative rights.

  • Cloud ready
    Consolidate infrastructure costs for your business by running branch office phone systems on a single multi-domain Vodia PBX system in the cloud. With multi-tenancy, cloud plug-and-play, virtual contact center functionality and enterprise mobility, Vodia PBX is purpose built for the cloud, enabling your branch offices to benefit from the full feature set of the Vodia PBX software in the cloud.
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