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Microsoft Lync Support

Microsoft Lync has gained significant attention in the industry and also in snom. For those who are running Lync in their office or hosted in the cloud, but who need a PBX service running independently from Microsoft Lync, the Vodia PBX version 5 is offering presence updates from the PBX to Lync.

In practice that means when someone is talking on the phone on the Vodia PBX, the Vodia PBX sends a notification to the Lync server that the person is busy in a call. When the call gets disconnected, another notification is sent, so that Lync can update the status again. Lync users will be able to see the status updates across the network, including the office applications that are connected to Microsoft Lync.

This feature works independently from the users devices. For example, when someone receives the call on the cell phone, Lync will still be able to show that the person is on a call.

This simple but effective update service makes it possible to use all PBX features and benefits at the same time while using all the powerful features of Microsoft Lync. Especially in real-life deployments where Lync boosts productivity with internal communications using IM and video and the Vodia PBX simplified voice operations with the simple and flexible trunking and SIP interoperability and NAT handling, customers have a "best of both worlds" experience.

Please notice that Microsoft Office 365 Lync is not supported yet.

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