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Enterprise Mobility

  • Find-me/Follow-me
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Outbound caller-ID control
  • Virtual private assistant
  • Web portal interface
  • Call park and pickup
  • Call flip
  • Click-to-call from web

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The worldwide adoption of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is shifting the business practices of most organizations from the older concept of job-on-site to a more flexible remote-worker idea. Technology convergence and increasing affordability are driving the demand for smart devices for personal and business use alike. Studies indicate that a sizeable workforce of most organizations is using mobile devices to connect to the corporate network as well as for accessing cloud services, in order to conduct their day-to-day business. The new active hub of businesses is slowly becoming wherever their workers happen to be and according to a recent Forrester study 66 percent of employees use two or more devices for work activities each day.

Vodia's built-in mobility features are designed to overcome the challenges of device agnosticism by providing secure and reliable access to the company resources-anytime, anywhere, on any device-regardless of whether the device is owned by the company or the employee. Vodia's enterprise mobility functionality allows your workforce to become more productive by eliminating travel times and giving them the freedom of bringing their own devices (BYOD), which ultimately reduces the equipment costs for the organization. With Vodia PBX now your employees can access the full suite of your Vodia communications platform using mobile devices of their choice, from any location (office, home, hotspots), and on any network (WiFi , 3G/4G, or cellular).

Key Benefits for businesses

  • Reduce costs with BYOD
    Reduce equipment costs for your organization by adopting Bring you own device (BYOD) schemes. Your employees can stay connected to company communications at all times using their own mobile devices whenever, wherever.

  • Boost productivity
    Less travel time means more time spent on business tasks. Why have your employees go through long commutes when they can stay equally productive outside the office. Boost productivity of your organization by providing your employees with the independence and flexibility to stay connected to company communications from anywhere, anytime.

  • Accelerate sales
    Closing a sale has a lot to do with customer confidence. Customers appreciate one-call resolution and timely response to inquiries. An integrated mobile workforce can greatly contribute to sales closures, solving problems, responding to urgent requests more efficiently and building customer satisfaction. Earning customer confidence can ultimately win more sales, service calls and contracts.

  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Improve service levels and customer satisfaction by interacting with customers in real time whether in the office or on the road. With advanced find-me/follow-me functionality, you can be sure customers are directed to the most suitable agent even when they are not in the office.

  • Remain competitive in your industry
    Enterprise mobility is not just a buzz word but a necessity for the modern day enterprise. Adopting current technology trends keeps your organization at the cutting edge of best business practices and keeps you business processes up-to-date helping you maintain an edge over your competition.

  • Enable timelier decision making
    Improve coordination and build a better business by providing your employees with the flexibility to communicate and collaborate with other employees, partners, suppliers and customers regardless of location and time. Enable quicker decision making, save time and avoid unnecessary costs incurred due to job delays (e.g. service level agreements (SLA) penalties).

  • Build a professional image
    Professionalism is something every business must present to its customers, vendors, and competition. Enabling your mobile employees to call customers with your central corporate number or their individual department's number from their personal mobile devices builds a sense of professionalism and improves customer perception. Receiving calls on your advertized business number and redirecting calls to off-site employees ensures 24/7 availability and accelerated response time for the entire organization.

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