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Networking Support

The Vodia PBX can be used in mixed networks.

  • Dual IPv4/IPv6. The Vodia PBX supports a dual IPv4/IPv6 stack, so it.s possible to have one call leg on IPv4 while the other call leg is running on IPv6; the Vodia PBX performs the translation between the different versions of the IP protocol. As the day will come when the Internet will switch to IPv6 and most of your network devices are already ready, this is an important investment in your network future.
  • Multiple ports. The Vodia PBX can use multiple ports for SIP, HTTP, TFTP, and other services. Each socket can be bound to a specific IP address, making it possible to listen on multiple SIP UDP sockets (e.g., 5060 and 5070) and bind to different IP addresses. That means you can offer a service internally for example on port 5060, while external users will have to use a different port like port 5666.
  • Multiple IP addresses. The Vodia PBX can run on systems with multiple IP addresses. For example, it.s possible to run the PBX with multiple private and public IP addresses so that users can register from various internal VLAN and from external locations.
  • Binding IP address for multicast. Multicast RTP traffic can be bound to specific IP addresses to limit paging to LAN interfaces only.
  • NTP server. To simplify provisioning of local phone devices, the PBX includes a simple NTP server.
  • Multicast detection. The Vodia PBX can be discovered through the snom multicast detection mechanisms, making it possible to provision devices without DHCP option 66.
  • Routing table. In order to deal with services that are running on IP addresses that are not routable from other locations (e.g. private IP addresses), the service supports adding routing table entries that we are not exposed on the operating system level.
  • Virtualization. The Vodia PBX uses a relatively small, simple architecture that allows a quick failover, making it possible to keep calls up during a failover. A failover can include non-stateless calls, for example, in the ACD queue.
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