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Reports are useful for providing early warnings when parameters might drift out of the green zone.

  • Daily notification emails. Emails notify the administrator and others of important events; for example, when calls gets rejected due to CPU load, when a trunk registration changes, when the license will expire, when the system was restarted, when someone dials an emergency number, or when the PBX blocks an IP address because of the intrusion detection mechanism. Periodic emails are also available on a per-domain basis and on certain accounts like ACD groups.
  • Event notifications. Special events may trigger alert emails. For example, when someone is trying to guess passwords from an IP address that is not listed in the access list, the PBX will send an email to the system administrator about this incident. Other examples for unusual events include disconnected calls after one-way audio, rejected calls because of CPU overload and reboot requests.
  • CDRs. Call data records (CDR) may be sent out through various mechanisms (e.g., email). Reports are available on a per-call basis or as an end-of-day summary.
  • RTCP-XR. Extended reporting on RTCP makes it possible to automatically measure and report network related performance like jitter, packet loss and round-trip delay. The measurements can be reported on trunk, extension and on global level.
  • Polling. A SNMP server can be polled by standard network management tools to document critical values like CPU load, registrations, or calls.
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