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Support Ticket

For requesting personal support, please fill out the form below (you might have to register and/or log in first). After this you will receive an email with a receipt. We'll also send you a coupon that you can use for future purchases of license bundles.

Support is usually done over the phone and with remote access like HTTP access, SSH login or Remote Desktop Protocol. If you need on site-support, additional charges for travel costs will apply and the appointment needs to be scheduled in advance.

The number of tickets that you need to solve a problem depends on the complexity of the task at hand. The following table provides examples on how complex different tasks are:

199 USD
  • Setting up a supported phone for automatic provisioning
  • Setting up a trunk that is in the list of supported service providers
  • Installing a Vodia or third-party X.509 certificate on the server
  • Configuring an Auto Attendant, ACD or hunt group
  • Setting up text messaging with a HTTP-based provider
2149 USD
  • Setting up a SIP trunk with a service provider that is not supported yet
  • Setting up automatic backups (rsync, dropbox, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting QoS problems
  • Integrating IVR nodes with external applications
4299 USD
  • Restoring a system after a hardware crash (when backup is available)
  • Configuring a firewall for SIP traffic and PBX behind NAT
  • Branding of the PBX with customer-specific banner and emails
8499 USD
  • Setting up a new single-domain system from scratch, including setting up trunks, automatically provision phones, setting up auto attendant, ACD group
  • Integration of unsupported SIP phones that require changes to the provisioning templates
  • SIP trunk certification

* Please note that support tickets are non-refundable.

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