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WebRTC (Click to Call)

According to Forrester research, 77% of users who abandon an online purchase cite the inability to speak to a representative as their primary reason for abandonment. Now imagine the potential to harness every web site visit into a sales opportunity by enabling your potential customers to talk to you while they browse your website. Reports indicate that businesses that provide any kind of Click-to-call functionality on their websites are able to convert such customer calls to real sales over 70% of the time!

Our new Vodia PBX Click-to-call feature allows your web site visitors to place calls to your company directly from their web browser, without the need for a phone or downloading any software. Our WebRTC enabled Click-to-call feature will provide you with the code you need to place on your website to make it voice enabled. Every call click will route the call to your Vodia PBX system enabling you to attend to your customers in real-time. Some of the great advantages of the our click-to-call feature include:

  • Helps you reduce your website abandonment rate
  • Helps convert your website visitors into potential sales opportunities
  • Makes it more convenient for your customers to reach you
  • Helps you sell higher-value products and services
  • Improves your customer satisfaction level
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